NN Name Version Description
1 app-cpm 0.000005 Install CPAN modules using App::cpm - a fast CPAN module installer
2 app-cpm-wrapper 0.000006 Simple wrapper for App::cpm
3 cpan-package 0.001004 simple cpan modules installer
4 cpan-upload 0.000008 Small wrapper for cpan-upload
5 metacpan-api-packages-status 0.000006 Checks packages statuses at MetaCPAN. A list of packages is taken from 02packages file
6 mi6-dist-ini 0.000004 Regenerate mi6 dist.ini and .gitignore files for Perl6 project
7 module-release 0.001003 just a wrapper for Module::Release release script, see https://metacpan.org/pod/distribution/Module-Release/script/release
8 perl-app 0.001005 Installs Perl psgi application and dependencies, runs application as ubic service with Starman
9 perl-file-dir-dumper-smoke 0.000004 Smoke tests for File::Dir::Dumper module
10 perl6-dir-install 0.000003 Walk through the list of sub directories ( located at $CWD ) and tries to install Perl6 modules found
11 perl6-prove 0.000010 pre-commit hook - runs prove for Perl6 project
12 perlbrew 0.001004 A simple wrapper to automate perlbrew installation
13 pwgen 0.000005 Simple Perl Based password generator
14 rakudo-install 0.002004 Install Rakudo as system package
15 zef 0.000008 Wrapper for zef installer
16 zef-fetch 0.001000 Fetch zef distribution and return location of download directory